Moongazy Publishing Ltd

was formed in 2005 by Kit Berry and Martin Beake to publish the initial books in Kit’s Stonewylde series. Five years later, the worldwide print and digital rights to the entire Stonewylde series were sold to the Orion Publishing Group.

Under the Gollancz imprint, Orion has published the original books and the previously unpublished ones, in hardback, paperback and e-book.  The series is now complete, and an omnibus e-book of all five novels is also available.

Stonewylde is a registered trademark, and Moongazy Publishing retains the rights to all Stonewylde merchandise.  This includes T-shirts, bags, badges, pens and cards, which can be bought at the online Stonewylde Store.

Moongazy Publishing also owns the foreign, audio, screen and performance rights to the Stonewylde series. Enquiries should be directed here via the contact form.

The company has now branched out beyond Stonewylde with several new projects, including Digital Legacy UK and the Thinner Goddess Diet Plan.

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Stonewylde Series

Stonewylde is a unique series of five novels that’s attracted a dedicated and diverse readership. Difficult to define by genre, Stonewylde is set deep in Dorset and is about love, life and natural magic.

Kit Berry

Kit Berry wrote Stonewylde whilst teaching in Dorset and raising her teenage sons. She now lives in Berkshire and writes full time, giving talks and running workshops for schools and adult groups.

Thinner Goddess Plan

This new lifestyle diet will launch in 2022. The plan promotes a healthy and balanced approach to nutrition and exercise, using innovative methods that focus on both the mind and body.

Digital Legacy UK

Everyone leaves digital footprints behind, from our first moments online to beyond the grave. DLUK examines the legacy we unwittingly create, and issues surrounding Internet usage.